Petit Verdot | Marash

Petit Verdot | Marash

Marash Petit Verdot has an impressive depth and concentration of aroma and taste

  • Petit Verdot
  • 2017
  • Dry
  • Oaked
  • Cork
  • Domaine Marash, Bulgaria

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Marash Petit Verdot 2017 is a wine produced in the Thracian Valley showing impressive depth and concentration of aroma and taste.

The wine is characterized by a purple-violet color, complex aroma and the taste of a sour cherry, raspberry, plum and cherry plum marmalade as well as walnut, shallot, roasted chestnut, wormwood and dried herbs. This marked spiciness develops very well in the glass and harmonizes perfectly with the vanilla and chocolate, coming from the maturation in oak barrels and the interesting nuance of salty dried meat in the taste.

A wine that would impress Petit Verdot fans, as well as anyone who likes highly concentrated wines with bold body and mouth-watering presence.

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