Merlot & Cab. Franc | Midalidare

Merlot & Cab. Franc | Midalidare

• Merlot & Cabernet Franc
• 2019
• Dry
• Oaked
• Cork
• Midalidare Estate, Bulgaria

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Midalidare Merlot & Cabernet Franc 2019 is a wine that recreates a very well-harmonized blend in a particularly impressive way.

The intense purple color introduces the senses to an aromatic-taste profile, clearly dominated by ripe blue plum, which is complemented by blueberry, black cherry, black mulberry, sour cherry, overripe pomegranate and tangerine peel. The fine oak extraction, expressed through spicy chocolate, eucalyptus, coffee, raw cocoa beans and dry leather, gives an incredible structure to the wine. With the development in the glass its aroma opens complementary intense nuances of red pepper, paprika and lilac.

While the nose is dominated by ripe fruit, juicy pomegranate and tangerine, the taste is markedly fresh, spicy with a delicate lavender nuance, the aftertaste is soft and silky with distinctive vanilla, chocolate and mocha.

Excellent wine for connoisseurs of complex and complete wines.

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